Two Love Birds Tangled Together in Fishing Line Freed By Caring Man

A man was walking on a beach in South Africa when he noticed two red-billed Oyster Catchers tangled together.

He went over to look and found they were entwined by discarded fishing line. He fortunately had a pocket knife and could pull the two birds apart. But one bird was very badly tangled.

The Good Samaritan reveals that the birds mate for life so it was important that he help this bird survive because if one of the birds loses a partner they never mate again.

He frees the male bird quickly but the female is harder to free as the fishing line is wrapped around her leg. It cut into her foot pretty badly but thankfully she can still fly.

As soon as she is freed, the female Oyster Catcher flies in the direction of the male and her rescuer calls out to the bird, “What a beautiful sight. Join your hubby.”

After the love birds are reunited the man turns to the camera and declares, “I did something good for today.”

Viewers strongly agree. One person commented, “You did something good for today indeed! I love how you took so much time and care freeing these two lovely birds from the gruesome trash that some human discarded, so that they may live a long and prosperous life together. Many thanks mister! Stay awesome!”

“It’s scary how much garbage and fishing lines are in the ocean/beaches,” another viewer noted. “but heartwarming seeing people like him helping the poor innocent animals. We need more people like him.”

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