Tow Truck Driver Tries Rescuing Dog He Finds On Dirt Road, Ends Up Rescuing Elderly Man

A tow truck driver out to rescue what he thought was a lost dog ended up rescuing the dog’s owner instead.

Martin Hall

Martin J Hall Jr was driving to a call along a remote dirt road near Coulterville, California when he spotted a dog in the middle of the road, blocking his way. The dog had a leash on and was sitting in the hot sun.

He tried to lure the dog over with his sandwich and water, but the dog refused to budge. Hall filmed what was going on and can be heard in the video saying, “It won’t come to me. I try getting closer [but] it just wants to run away. Somehow it is exhausted.”

Martin Hall

“That sucks this dog doesn’t come to me, dogs likes me sometimes,” continues Hall. Looking around he noticed a flashlight on the roadway and a trail off to the side of the road.

As the dog refused to warm up to him, he decided to head out to get help. “I’m gonna go ahead and leave this water for him. Hopefully he’ll drink it when I go.”

He was about to leave when he heard yelling in the distance. “Hold on I hear something.” He then killed the engine on his truck. “Hello you all right?” Walking down the trail he found an elderly man who had fallen down and embankment and was hurt. According to Hall, the man had been lying there for close to 8 hours, having hurt himself when out for an early morning walk.

Martin Hall

The man had a second dog, Chico, who was protecting him, while the other had headed to the road to get help.

When Hall realized Chico wouldn’t let him get closer to the injured man, he went to get Paul’s wife, who lived about a mile away, Hall told WRAL-TV. From there, help was called and both dogs and the man were rescued.

Although Hall doesn’t call what he did a rescue, I think the dogs and the elderly man he helped would disagree.

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