How To Transform Toothbrushes Into Fun Bracelets

Toothbrushes as fashion accessories? This crafty do-it-yourself project shows you how to take the everyday item and transform them into funky, colorful bracelets. Katrina from Katrinaosity walks through the steps to make these fun accessories – they are easy and it’s inexpensive too.

Kids will love this project too, but as Katrina mentions in the video, be sure there’s an adult with them at all times to supervise.

Here’s what you need: some plastic toothbrushes, pliers, pot of water, small towel and heat-resistant tongs.

First rip out all the bristles from the brush using the pliers. Then drop the the toothbrushes into boiling water to soften the plastic. Katrina said hers only took 10 seconds in the water to soften. You can coax it into a round shape. Heat it up a bit more and you can twist it into a cool spiral shape.

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