Dad Replaces His Son’s Lost Lunchbox With Toolbox Upsetting Mom Until She Flips It Over

This dad got into a “massive argument” with his wife after he lost their son’s lunchbox. He was kicked out of the house to go get a new one and recorded his funny search and subsequent, clever solution – a toolbox.

“So today I lost the lad’s lunchbox and was forced to improvise,” dad writes, “And guess what, I might have just revolutionized the whole lunch box industry!”

When he brings it home to his wife, she is not impressed until he comes back from the kitchen and shows her how it might work.

I love how his wife responds to his solution And his son’s reaction at 4:23 made me laugh!

As some commenters noted, now he’s just got to make sure it’s food grade plastic or only add food that’s wrapped or packaged, but it’s really quite a clever idea.

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