Toddler Takes Her First Sip Of Coca Cola And Her Reaction Is Sensational

When Evie’s dad recorded her taking her first sip of Coca Cola at McDonald’s, he had no way of knowing the toddler’s response would become “pure comedy gold”. Evie takes a few sips of the soda and is instantly taken aback by the sensation. She was obviously not prepared for the fizzy, bubbly sensation. But does she like it?

After a few more sips, Evie’s face expresses what her taste buds are processing – from confused, to intrigued, to….well, you’ll just need to watch Evie’s hilarious reaction for yourself in the video below.

Anticipating there would be many concerned viewers, dad clarifies that the family rarely goes to McDonalds and the kids hardly ever drink soda. “If it’s any consolation to others, we rarely go to McDonalds. It was a treat, and our children hardly ever drink soda, our oldest being 6 and she’s had maybe enough soda’s to count on 1 hand,” dad writes on Reddit.

Sit back and enjoy Evie’s first sip of soda and share it with your friends!

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