Tiny Frogs Love To Hang Out Inside Flowers On Farm

The beautiful flowers at Snohomish Lavender Farm invite many admirers, but the admirers that enchant owner Allison Lamb are the frogs.

Her farm in Snohomish, Washington grows lavender and dahlias and it’s the dahlias that the frogs particularly like. They like the flowers so much that Allison has found them resting inside the petals.

During the summer, she took a video of the adorable residents which she posted on Instagram.

“Stop right now! So freaking adorable,” she wrote. “The frogs have been favoriting this dahlia all season.”

Throughout the summer Allison spotted more of the tiny frogs. She told the Dodo, “Some days I could find over 10 different frogs taking shelter in my flowers.”

She said the frogs eat the bad bugs for her, helping keep her 200 plus flowers healthy. She has also spotted other creatures taking refuge in the dahlias.

“The bees will sleep in my dahlias overnight, I find little spiders taking shelter as well, and last year I found little gardener snakes up in my flowers,” Allison said. “I also have several salamanders, a praying mantis, and, in the late summer, caterpillars are everywhere.”

She appreciates the tiny visitors a lot and wrote on Instagram, “The best part of dahlias are all their little friends!”

“Little froggy snuggled up in a dahlia,” she wrote on another photo. “In my quest to find frogs in dahlias I found another one. Just look at all these beauties.”

By the end of the summer the frogs disappear but they will return again in the spring. Allison captioned one froggie flower, “I’m already missing capturing all my little frogs. Can’t wait for next season.”

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