After Dog Loses His Front Leg In Car Accident, His New Dad Draws Him A Cartoon One

Bradley the dog only has three legs after his front paw was paralyzed after he was hit by a car when living on the streets as a stray.

He was adopted by Charley DeRochers and Marianne Smith after Charley had also been hit by a car and wanted a companion while he recovered at home. They opted to have Bradley’s leg amputated, as the leg was dragging and catching when he walked.

After bringing Bradley home, the pug/beagle mix ended up inspiring Charley with a new hobby.

Using Photoshop, Charley draws cartoon arms on Bradley and his daily doodles are a hit on Instagram.

The cartoon arms show Bradley getting up to all kinds of adventures. Please wait a few seconds for the photos below to load.

“Farmer Bradley is taking a well-deserved rest after a long day of work.”

“Bradley was feeling a little hipster today so he enjoyed a latte from his favorite spot, but you’ve probably never heard of it.”

“Bradley and I made a deal this morning.”

“Chef Bradley.”

“Bradley’s been working hard to get his taxes done!”

“Bradley is helping the children today.”

“Someone’s little baby.”

The best thing is Bradley doesn’t mind the attention and is very “chill” with his newfound fame and his adoptive parent’s artistic past-time.

Check out more of Bradley’s sweet story in the video below and share it with your friends!

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