Teens Invent Condoms That Detect STIs

It’s not a topic or discussion that comes up in public very often. In fact, the sensitive issue is often avoided and yet it affects millions of people worldwide – sexually transmitted infections (or STIs). But three teenagers have invented a condom which changes color if it comes in contact with STIs to help people in the future .

At the 2015 TeenTech Awards in England, creators Muaz Nawaz, Daanyaal Ali, and Chirag Shah, who go to school at London’s Isaac Newton Academy, presented their concept called S.T.EYE., a condom that turns colors if a sexually transmitted infection is detected. “It may glow green for chlamydia, yellow for herpes, purple for human papillomavirus, or blue for syphilis,” they described.


Source: YouTube

Daanyaal Ali, 14, says their idea is to help the next generation be able to detect STIs in the privacy of their homes and give peace of mind to individuals as well as enable them to act even more responsibly.

Although their idea is only in the concept phase, they’ve already been approached by a condom manufacturer that was impressed by their determination to tackle a sensitive issue.

The boys won the top health innovation prize at the TeenTech Awards and were awarded £1,000 ($1,500 US) and a visit to Buckingham Palace.

It’s young people like these who will make for a brighter future!

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