Teen Rides Horse Through Snowstorm To Help Stranded Truck Driver

Eileen Eagle Bears and her horse, Mr. Smudge, made multiple hour-long outings in the middle of a snowstorm to bring food to a truck driver stranded in his truck in Manitoba, Canada.

Eileen and her family saw the stranded trucker on a road’s surveillance cameras and thought she wanted to do something to help him. So the next morning, the teen took her trusty horse and a thermos of hot coffee out into the freezing winds and icy road.

When she arrived at the semi-truck of Peter Douglas an hour or so later, he was asleep. Peter was shocked when he heard a tapping on his window and saw Eileen standing there with her horse and fresh coffee. And her kindness wasn’t over. She returned later again with a hot stew and potatoes.

What Eileen did has since gone viral, much to her surprise. As to why she did what she did, Eileen simply said, “the world needs more kindness”.

Listen to Eileen share her story in an interview with CBC News with Mr. Smudge by her side. What a remarkable young woman!

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