New Technology Helps Nurses Pinpoint Veins In Your Arm

If you’ve ever given blood, you’ll know that even the most skilled nurses sometimes have a struggle to locate veins. Sometimes it’s because a patient is dehydrated, sometimes the person has “shy” veins…there are many reasons.

That’s why company developed a technology aiming to help with this particular problem and alleviate unnecessary pain of multiple needle stings. They are trialing the device in hospitals.

Called the Christie VeinViewer, the device illuminates veins by using infrared light to detect hemoglobin in the blood. It can then project an HD image of the veins onto the surface of the skin. The VeinViewer is small enough to be handheld or attached to a moveable rig.

Although the device doesn’t pinpoint exactly how deep the vein is under the skin, it does see veins up to half an inch deep to help medical professions locate where the vein is.

Clinical studies have shown increased customer satisfaction, no doubt correlated with increases in “first-stick success”, ergo, they are finding the vein on the first needle poke.

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