Nine-Year-Old On Talent Show Stuns Judges By Singing Opera

Meet Amira Willighagen. She’s just a shy, nine-year-old girl who looks and behaves no different from any other nine-year-old girl, except when she does her ‘thing’. Her brother plays the viola and she wanted to do something musical too. She heard opera on the radio and thought the songs were beautiful. So much so, that she decided to try them. In the audition below, she appears on the stage of Holland’s Got Talent and decides to sing a piece and literally blows the judges and audience away.

It’s amazing that she’s never had a lesson in her life because just watch and listen to what she can do!

She  was the last audition for Holland’s Got Talent above. Her performance in the semi-finals is below:

Amira’s amazing talent is extremely rare. Share this and give more people the chance to hear her sing.

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