Synchronized Skating Team’s Amazing Performance To Bohemian Rhapsody Wows Crowd

​​When the Canadian Synchronized Skating team NEXXICE took to the ice at the 2016 Canadian Synchronized Skating Championship they were about to treat the audience to something special.

The group performs an intricate routine to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

It’s seriously impressive to see so many skaters on the ice together. Watch the amazing performance below:

Synchronized skating brings teams together to perform choreographed sequences in unison. The sport holds competitions throughout the world.

After watching the performance many viewers are calling for synchronized skating to be added to the Winter Olympics. US Figuring Skating and other international skating organizations support the initiative and many synchronized skaters are hoping that they may be able to compete as early as 2026.

Other viewers were captivated after viewing synchronized skating for the first time. “Was anyone else absolutely blown away but also petrified and anxious for them getting all of those moves correct and not colliding into anyone?” asked one viewer?

NEXXICE grabbed gold at the World Synchronized Skating Championship, watch that wonderful performance here.

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