Swing Dancing Pair’s Funny Performance At Championships A Joy To Watch

To dance with John Lindo is on many-a-woman’s bucket list. When you watch this video you’ll see why. Lindo was at the 2019 Grand National Dance Championship and participating in the Champion Strictly Finals when he was partnered with Sarah Vann Drake.

The two take to the dance floor and give each other a warm hug before the music kicks in with Lizzo’s ‘Boys’. Soon the two are putting on a spontaneous, fun routine that gets the crowd cheering them on!

The video gained a few million views with many people commenting how wonderful it always is to watch Lindo dance.

“Thanks for gracing us with the joy of dancing, Mr. Lindo! Your partners are something else, always a pleasure,” writes one viewer.

“Watching John will always put a smile on your face,” says another viewer.

And one viewer had a little prayer, “My bucket lis,just one thing Dear Lord, let me dance just one time with John Lindo. Amen.”

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