Swing Dancers Cringe When They Hear ‘Macarena’ But Pull Off Great Improvised Routine

A big part of the fun at a Jack & Jill Swing Dance competition is the improvisation. The format randomly matches dancers into pairs.

At a recent Budafest Invitational Jack & Jill dance competition, Jordan Frisbee was paired with Emeline Rochefeuille. The game this time around was to pick a theme and get three songs. After every song they could choose if they wanted to keep or switch the song. But you only get to do this twice or you have to take the third song. As you’ll see, sometimes the audience is vocal in what they want the dancers to pick for music.

For Jordan and Emeline, that meant dancing to the 1996 Macarena by Los del Rio. Both he and Emeline laugh and cringe when the song plays but after loud encouragement from the audience they go for it, and the result is magic on the dance floor.

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