Surveillance Camera Catches Suspected Thief Giving Golden Retriever Belly Rubs

A video of a suspected bike thief who took the time to pet the family’s dog before making off with an e-bike is going viral after being released by San Diego Police Department.

In the surveillance video, a young man is seen exiting an open garage with the homeowner’s bike when a Golden Retriever runs out from an open door in the garage. The dog walks right up to the suspect and follows the man outside. When the dog looks like she’s going to follow after him, the suspected burglar stops and brings the bike back into the garage. That’s when things take what police call a “highly unusual” turn.

The man approaches the dog and tells him he’s “the coolest dog I’ve ever known” and gives him some pets. He also admonishes the dog’s family asking him, “Where’s your dad? Your dad should not leave the garage door open.” He even calls out to the homeowner, shouting “dad, where are you” loudly.

The dog loves the attention and flops over for some belly rubs. After a minute the man gets up and tells the dog “I love you too.” Thankfully, the dog didn’t run after his newfound friend and remains in the garage.

Police said the crime occurred at 10:40pm on July 15. The bike stolen is an Electra 3-speed bicycle, which they said was worth about $1,300.

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