Amazing Hand-Knitted Blankets Are Just What You Need To Take The Perfect Nap

I love curling up on the sofa with a comfy, warm blanket when it’s cold outside and these knitted blankets look so cozy that I think I would come up with any excuse to wrap myself up in one!

Ukrainian knit crafter, Anna Mo, has taken the craft of knitting to a whole new level with her super-chunky blankets, scarves and pet beds!


Photo credit: Ohhio

She uses massive yarn that only needs a few rows of knit to produce stunning scarves like the one pictured below.


Photo credit: Ohhio

The knitting technique also makes pillowy blankets.


Photo credit: Ohhio

Anna also makes nest-like beds for cats and small dogs.


Photo credit: Ohhio

They look so warm and cozy.


Photo credit: Ohhio

Her creations have been featured widely in the media and have since appeared on fashion catwalks.


Photo credit: Ohhio

No wonder! The unique and colorful designs are very eye-catching!


Photo credit: Ohhio

You can also try your hand at chunky knitting yourself. Anna sells her handmade items, outsized yarn and needles through her Etsy shop.


Photo credit: Ohhio

Just look how massive those needles are!


Photo credit: Ohhio

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