Street Dog Chooses Woman To Be His Mom, Chases After Her Car For Blocks

When Krista was visiting Bolivia with friends a street dog started to follow them and continued to run after them after they got in a car. The dog was dodging through traffic and trying to keep up and after five blocks Krista asked to stop. From that point forward, “Chase” became their travelling companion.

Krista didn’t want to say goodbye to Chase so she found a Bolivian street dog rescue – Proyecto Aullidos – who agreed to foster Chase for the several months it would take for Krista to arrange the paperwork and bloodwork to get him back to the United States. Seven months later, Krista reunited with Chase and he remembered her!

“The stars aligned to bring us back together,” Krista says in the video. The flight back home went smoothly and Chase felt right at home the moment he arrived.

People applauded Krista for putting in the effort to rescue Chase, who had picked her as his person!

One viewer wrote, “I had a kitten following me in Cambodia. I just could not leave her behind. After all the vet visits, blood tests, paperwork and money, she flew to Europe with me and we had 18 wonderful years together. So happy for Chase and the human he chose.”

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