Stray Puppy Heroically Saves Her Friend From Suffocating And Biting Ants

A  stray puppy heroically saved her friend after the two dogs got into a dangerous situation. Now the two sweet dogs need someone to save them.

City of San Antonio Animal Care Services (ACS) shared the touching story of how the two young dogs, now named Aria and Khaleesi, were wandering around Old Spanish Park and ended up at their shelter.

“Their misadventures led them underneath a security fence, where Khaleesi’s head got stuck,” San Antonio ACS shared in a Facebook post on June 7th. “She struggled and pulled and tried desperately to free herself; all the while, the ends of the fence began digging into her neck.”

City of San Antonio Animal Care Services (ACS)

That’s when Aria sprung into action to save her friend and found the help she needed from a local leader. “Clearly worried for her friend, Aria jolted off to find help,” ACS related. “She ran over 100 yards to the first person she could find… who just happened to be former Mayor Garza!”

“She barked frantically to get Mayor Garza’s attention and led him to her trapped friend,” the shelter continued. “Once Mayor Garza spotted the trapped dog, he contacted 3-1-1 and went to work to free her until help could arrive.”

City of San Antonio Animal Care Services (ACS)

Poor Khaleesi was in serious trouble not only from being trapped but because nasty stinging ants began to swarm her. “Khaleesi seemed to have been losing consciousness from the pressure of the fence on her neck, mixed with the overwhelming amount of ant bites she received while stuck,” the shelter explained.  “So, Mayor Garza’s priority was to help relieve the pressure to Khaleesi’s throat so she could breathe! After two hours of working and cutting the fence, Khaleesi was finally free!”

The pair of dogs were transported back to ACS “for love and care by Animal Care Officer Diaz and Cadet Andino.”

Mayor Garza later told ACS, “We went through a lot of effort to save the poor dog, but her companion was the true hero!”

City of San Antonio Animal Care Services (ACS)

The shelter wholeheartedly agreed. “This tiny 4-month-old pup’s love for her friend may have saved Khaleesi’s life! Thank you, former Mayor Garza, for listening to this little hero’s cries and helping rescue her friend!”

But these two sweet pups are still facing an uncertain future. Due to overcrowding at the shelter, they don’t have long to find homes (preferably together).

Some people who reviewed the two dogs’ profiles on Pet Harbor noted that Aria and Khaleesi only have a few days to find a home or they may be put down. Jessica Jin commented, “They have ’til 10am on 6/12 to get out of the shelter or they may be put down?? That’s 4 days, y’all.”

City of San Antonio Animal Care Services (ACS)

“Saved only to possibly be put down. Hope someone adopts them,” said another.

As of June 8th the two pups have not yet been adopted. But there is a glimmer of hope. One rescue group has approached the shelter offering to take them if no one adopts them in time. Chris Legore-Storm, Executive Director of SafeHaven Humane Society in Tangent, Oregon, commented on the Facebook post, “If they don’t get adopted and are out of time…if someone can get them to us I will take them and get them adopted together. Their story is so touching.”

ACS responded, writing, “Thank you for your offer to help these sweethearts! Can you please send us your contact information?” As of June 8th, the wheels are in motion to organize transport and the two dogs are still available for adoption.

If you think you can help Aria and Khaleesi with finding a home, please reach out to City of San Antonio Animal Care Services (ACS).

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