Stray Mama Pit Bull Is So Relieved When Her Puppies Are Rescued

A pregnant Pit Bull wandering the streets has a brand new life thanks to a rescue’s persistence and patience.

Megan Dentzler with Nashville Dog & Cat Rescue tried to win over the stray mama dog. “I sat out there with her for two hours, trying to gain her trust,” she said. “It just broke my heart seeing her on her own.”

But Mama Dog was very skittish. So Megan set up a trap and loaded it up with chicken where she had first spotted Mama Dog. Within 10 minutes Mama Dog was caught. She right away trusted her and loving their attention. But she wasn’t leading them to her puppies. They decided to use a Tractive device around a new collar.

It worked and they could track her to a house where “eight chunky puppies” were hidden underneath!

The moment Mama Dog saw her puppies with her rescuers she relaxed. Megan said that Mama Dog seemed to know that they had saved her puppies and that her family was safe.

After the puppies were weaned, Megan decided to foster Mama Dog. A couple of weeks later, Megan’s friend Ashley reached out to say she wanted to adopt Mama Dog.

Now Mama Dog has a loving mama of her own as well as a brother dog and dad. She has the best life with them.

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