Stray Dog Trembling In Fear Only Needed A Hug

A really sad, scared dog was shaking in fear when Hope For Paws arrived to save her.

Crawling on the ground, Eldad Hagar could see the dog trembling. The dog was so nervous that when Eldad approached with a snare, she tried to disappear into the corner of the wall.

Hope For Paws

She kept lowering her head making it difficult for Eldad to catch her. She continued to tremble but she finally relented when Eldad extended his hand. He lifted her into his lap and decides to name her McKenzie. When you watch the video, you’ll see that McKenzie is is no rush to leave the lap of her newfound friend.

Eldad reveals on YouTube that in the time of COVID, “We live in a world with a lot less hugs, but for McKenzie, it was what she needed the most!”

He adds, “Please watch this video until the end and see how confident she grows by the second! I am so proud of her!!!”

McKenzie is currently in foster care with Foxy and the Hounds and now available for adoption!

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