Stray Dog Scratches On Doors In Neighborhood Asking For Help

When dog rescuer Suzette Hall heard about a stray little dog knocking on the doors of a neighbourhood, she personally sympathized with the dog. She knows exactly how it feels to be displaced, with no place to call home. Hall had been forced out of her home because of the recent floods in her Southern California neighborhood.

So after receiving a message about the Bichon Frisé mix, she went to help.

The founder of Logan’s Legacy dog rescue learned that the dog had been in the neighborhood for a week and was approaching the homes surrounding a nearby park looking for shelter from the terrible rain storms.

“I have been feeling so displaced lately, my house had a flood, my van has been in the shop. Waiting on contractors, living in a hotel…But I couldn’t imagine how displaced she felt,” Hall began on a Facebook post.

The sweet dog would wait on the doorsteps and even knocked on the doors for help.

“She [the dog] was seen a week ago on the same street. Going to doorsteps and scratching on the doors,” Hall continued. “Is this my house? Are you my family? Neighbors all said she didn’t have a home. My heart sunk.”

Hall began to post about the small dog, thinking the dog’s owners would step forward. But no one reached out. And as soon as her van was repaired she went to find the dog with help from her friend Rosario.

She found the dog huddled on a porch and initially tried to lure her into a trap with hotdogs but the dog was too scared. “She would just sit and shake…Run down the street a little ways and go back to the doorsteps,” Hall wrote.

When that didn’t work, she talked to the dog and told her everything would be okay. The dog appeared to listen and understand and then let Hall pet her and leash her and bring her to the car.

The dog fell asleep the moment she was in Hall’s car.

Hall brought “Nikki” to the Camino Pet Hospital. Nikki didn’t have any health problems other than her matted coat, so the next stop was to take her friend Robin Andrews for a groom.

Hall figured it wouldn’t take long to find Nikki a home. That turned out to be true. After a brief stay in foster care, Nikki has found a home.

Missy Simms commented on Hall’s Facebook post that Nikki has been adopted and renamed. She wrote: “Officially adopted today! Her name will be Lilli because it means hope & rebirth. Will send a photo of Lilli and her new forever mom tomorrow! Thank you to for saving her and thanks to Alix Second Leash On Life for making sure this little lost dog landed in a safe, loving and wonderful home with a new mom and a new fantastic life!

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