Stray Dog Decides He Is Home By Jumping Into Family’s Car

Lena was packing up her car when her life was about to change. She had her garage door all the way open when she saw a “little creature” walk by and then suddenly jump into her car. There, in her passenger seat, was a stray dog.

Lena tried to coax the dog out telling him “you gotta get out…” but the dog looked at her and shook his head as if telling her “no, I’m not getting out.” She noted the dog was scared, defeated and worn out.

Lena brought the dog some food that night and talked to her husband about their unexpected visitor. They decided to keep the dog in the garage for the time being because he looked like he had mange. With kids and a dog of their own, Lena wondered how they were going to care for the dog so they didn’t catch anything. So, the next morning they took him to the vet.

The vet said the dog had been outside for many months. But the good news was the dog didn’t have mange. It turned out, the dog, who they named JD, had a really bad skin allergy because of flea bites. JD could come inside their home right away! In the first week JD started to get comfortable and bonded with the family quickly. At the two week mark he started to play with a stuffed toy. And since then he’s never looked back becoming a member of their family.

His fur has grown all back. In fact, Lena says it’s quite thick.

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One thing is for sure, JD chose the right garage to stop at!

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