Stray Dog Follows Couple On Holiday Everywhere Until They Make A Decision

While Hugo and Shealyn were on vacation a small black and white dog began to follow them around. She followed them to the beach. She followed them to the restaurant. She began to follow them everywhere so much so that when people asked them if Cookie was their dog to which the couple answered “we’re not sure.”

The couple wasn’t so sure what to do about the little dog who they named “Cookie.” So they decided to bring her to their AirBNB for one night and the moment after giving her a bath they asked themselves, “what if she is our fourth dog? It didn’t take long for Cookie to be travelling in the plane back home with them to Denver.

After a little bit of a rocky start with Cookie snapping at one of their other dogs, she quickly settled in with her new canine siblings. Since that day, Cookie has been “daddy’s girl” and a real queen bee around the home!

Cookie sure worked her magic and turned that one night stay into a lifetime’s.

Animals can sense who will love them and Cookie definitely could sense that Hugo and Shealyn are dog lovers.

Viewers of Cookie’s rescue admire how Hugo and Shealyn saved her.

“Some people travel and come home with souvenirs, but you 2 saved a life and adopted her. Mighty inspiring,” wrote one person.

“Imagine having 4 dogs already and being like, ‘Whatever it takes to get this one home from far away.’ That is The Power of Cookie,” said another.

Another person noted, “This dog is so blessed to be found by this amazing couple. Thank you for making her life better!”

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