Stray Cat Was So Afraid Around People No One Wanted Him Until He Met A Dog

A stray cat named Nooch was so shy around people it made it difficult to find a forever home for him. But that all changed when he met a dog.

Last winter Nootch showed up in a woman’s yard. She started feeding him but when three feet of snow was predicted, she knew she had to bring him inside.

Nooch’s rescuer noted that he was very afraid of people and would cry all night. She said he was a handsome young cat but his fear of people meant that he was adopted and returned. Nobody seemed to want a shy cat.

His foster mom didn’t find the key for helping the cat until he met her dog. They became instant best friends. Her dog seemed to know what to do to comfort Nooch and make the cat feel safe.

It didn’t take long for Nooch to open up and he became incredibly loving and comfortable around his foster mom after meeting her dog. That’s when she partnered up with Ruff Start Rescue who helped her continue to foster Nooch while they looked for the perfect family. And find them they did. Nooch’s new family has a dog named Monster and Monster is now Nooch’s “mom” and bathes and snuggles with Nooch and has given him the confidence to bond with his new humans.

Who would have thought that the key to a stray cat’s heart would be a canine companion? But that’s exactly what worked for Nooch, who now has a loving family thanks to his rescuer who took the time and energy to save him.

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