Stray Cat Living Outside Starbucks Shrieks When Touched, Now Loves Being Held Like Baby

For months, a cat lived outside a Starbucks until she came to the attention of David Loop with Sierra Pacific Furbabies. He came to pick her up and she hissed viciously – she really didn’t want to be touched. He took her to emergency where they told him she had a dangerously low red-blood cell count. She was in such poor shape and David really didn’t think she was going to make it.

David stayed up all night with the cat he named Zoey. He got in the crate with her. “If they have someone to comfort them it gives them a stronger will to live,” David explains.

Three days later, Zoey was doing much better. The cat no longer hesitates in getting petted and greets David with a meow every time he says “hello”. In fact, she loves being held like a baby so David says she gets that every day. David has decided to keep Zoey because they had an instant connection.

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