Stray Cat Follows Dog Home And Becomes Her Best Friend

Coconut the dog has always wanted a cat friend and finally got one after she met a stray in her neigborhood. Coconut has cats in her house. But as much as she wants to be their friend and play with them, they don’t like her.

One day, while out for a walk, Coconut met a cat. The cat began to follow Coconut, rolled over onto his belly and they were instant friends. Cay, Coconut’s mom, thought the cat was someone’s but learned from neighbors that the cat is a stray and lives on everyone’s porches. She decided to call the cat “Bubba.”

Now, Bubba joins them whenever they go for a walk and will jump the fence to visit. He began showing up in the morning and as soon as Coconut sees Bubba through the door or on the fence she wants to go outside to play with him. The two love to play together and Bubba is so kind and gentle with Coconut.

Cay says she doesn’t want to bring Bubba inside if her cats are going to be mean to him. But her hope is that one day Bubba can come inside and really join the family.

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