Stranger Pushes Woman All The Way Home After Her Electric Wheelchair Battery Dies

After the batteries died on this woman’s electric wheelchair in Smyrna, Georgia, she was stranded with no way to get home, until a kind young man noticed and pushed her all the way to her house.

“I was walking down the street when I saw an older lady in need. Her wheelchair engine had given out and she didn’t know how she was getting home,” Gifted King told ViralHog of his efforts. “Without hesitation, I told the lady ‘God has blessed me with an able body so I will pull you’. A mile or not I wouldn’t go home until she was home.”

King pushed the woman for half an hour until they reached her home, but he was upset by the lack of compassion from those around him.

“On our 30-minute journey we didn’t speak much because I was totally focused on getting her home and wanted her to know it will be ok,” he said. “About halfway down the block, after being passed by multiple cars, I was a little frustrated at the lack of love and humanity in the world.”

But King put the disappointment into perspective, realizing he was doing the best he could.

“I then said ‘when God calls you to help, you are supposed to help. Period. I don’t care what you are going through personally. When he calls you to help you, you help.’

“After getting her to her destination, we shared a brief moment and embraced each other. I told her I love her and it was my pleasure to service her in a time of need. Then we parted ways.”

What a kind and compassionate gesture on his part. I’m sure that the woman greatly appreciated the support he gave her.

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