Starving Husky Who Collapsed In Person’s Yard Is Now So Grateful To Be Alive

A stray Siberian Husky on his last legs has found a miracle after he collapsed in a homeowner’s yard. Laura, an animal rescuer with This Is Houston says she was tagged about the dog after the homeowners reached out after the emaciated stray dog appeared at their home.

Laura arrived to find the husky covered in mange and barely alive. As she promised she would get him help, “Jake” used “all his might” to lift his head up. Laura described the hour it took her to drive Jake to the emergency vet as the longest hour she’s ever gone through.

The poor dog was in such bad shape he couldn’t open his eyes for a whole week. But when he did, his beautiful blue eyes shined in gratitude. Laura’s rescue partner, Tom, took over rehabilitation of Jake to ensure he kept to a strict re-feeding diet and built up his strength. Jake had a great attitude and was so happy to be alive that he made fast progress in his recovery.

When Jake moved to his foster home it took him a week or two to start playing with toys. But now it’s hard to stop him! He has become one “happy-go-lucky” dog and is super friendly with people and animals. His new family call him the “house wolf” and say he is so happy and easy-going it didn’t take him long to win over their other rescue dog Jasper.

Jake is so grateful to be alive and that sentiment comes through with everything he does.

His new mom told the Dodo, “I think the reason that he enjoys everything the way that he does is because he knows what it’s like to be without it.”

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