Meteorite Just Misses Woman’s Head After Smashing Through Roof And Landing On Her Pillow

A woman in Canada is sighing with great relief after a meteorite just missed her head after it crashed through her roof while she was sleeping. Ruth Hamilton of Golden, BC was asleep while other residents in the area caught sight of a magnificent fireball streaking across the night sky.

For Hamilton the meteorite would turn out not be so magnificent, but life-threatening instead. She was startled awake when she heard a crash through her ceiling and felt debris fall on her face!

“I just jumped up and turned on the light, I couldn’t figure out what the heck had happened,” she told the Castlegar News, who broke the story.

She looked around the room and that’s when she spotted a large black space rock right on her pillow! Hamilton called the police, not sure where the rock had come from and why it ended up in her bedroom.

Photo credit: Linda Hamilton

Police took a look around and concluded it was a meteorite that had crashed through her roof and not the result of some errant rock blasting by a construction company.

“I was in shock and I just sat here for a few hours shaking,” she told the Canadian Press. “The odds of that happening are so small so I’m pretty grateful to be alive.”

Hamilton plans on keeping the space rock, which she said her grandchildren think is pretty cool.

Next up for Hamilton is getting an insurance appraisal to fix her roof, although who knows how that will be covered by the insurance company?

Hamilton told the Castelgar News that she comes away from the experience with a new appreciation for life.

She said, “The only other thing I can think of saying is life is precious and it could be gone at any moment even when you think you are safe and secure in your bed.”

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