Soap Bubble Completely Freezes Solid In Seconds

This breathtaking time lapse video of a soap bubble freezing amidst below zero weather is amazing to watch!

If you blow soap bubbles in freezing cold weather, amazing crystals of ice form on their surface as the water is between two thin layers of soapy film, starting at the bottom and expanding upwards until the entire bubble is covered. It might look like the entire surface of the bubble is freezing, but what you’re actually seeing is the innermost layer of water.

The woman who filmed the magical moment describes the conditions that freeze the bubble: “5 degrees, little breeze and sunshine – a bubble can freeze in 1:27 min. Montana Fun!”

As ice crystals form in the bubble’s surface, something else forms along with them: cracks. This means that any air trapped inside the sphere suddenly has an escape route. As air molecules diffuse through the tiny cracks between ice crystals, the sudden drop in internal pressure causes the bubble to implode, crushed by the force of the atmosphere.

Although frozen bubbles don’t last long, it is worth to try and create one this winter!

Here’s a video that got over a million views filmed in Nevada.

And here’s a video from a man in Arvada, Colorado with the temperature of 16 °F / -9 °C with the bubble freezing in slow motion.

Here’s another video of a person in Montana that used LED lighting to accentuate the freezing bubble’s beauty.

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