Soaked Puppies Shivering In The Rain Rescued From The Street

“I see 6 young puppies out here by the road, they need help,” a bus driver said when calling Stray Rescue of St. Louis. After the pouring rain cleared on a St. Louis street, the driver had spotted six abandoned puppies.

When rescuers came out to the scene they found the puppies piled together but soaked and shivering because of the rain. The poor pups were making heartbreaking mewling noises as they lay huddled together.

Says Stray Rescue, “OMG we were not expecting this! These poor angels, our hearts!” They rescued the sweet little pups and made sure they got warm baths and full tummies. Thankfully, although the puppies have ringworm, all the pups are going to be okay.

“They are so lucky the bus driver saw them or their fate would have been so tragic,” Stray Rescue added. The puppies – all with Irish names in honor of being found just before St. Patrick’s Day – will be up for adoption.

If you’d like to support O’Brien, O’Keefe, O’Neil, O’Hara, O’Mara, and O’Reily and other pups like them, consider fostering or donating to Stray Rescue.

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