Artist Hides 6 Forgotten Giants In The Forest For People To Find

A Danish artist created a unique treasure hunt for 6 hidden giants. He made the giant recycle sculptures from scrap wood built and hid them throughout his hometown of Copenhagen.

Thomas Dambo works on large-scale sculptures with recycled materials, and has created wooden works that have been exhibited around the world.

His latest work, The Six Forgotten Giants, has the friendly giants hiding under bridges and in the forest. The giants are made from pallets, a shed, an old fence, etc. Visitors are given a treasure map to find the giants while exploring nature in the municipalities of West Copenhagen.

Hill Top Trine is made solely from scrapwood, with a little bench in her hand for people to hangout and enjoy the view.

Little Tilde in the forest.

Oscar under the bridge.

Teddy Friendly helping you across the stream.

Here’s a video of Dambo’s projects and the giants.

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