Sisters Take Hilarious Trip Through Drive-Thru Safari

When these sisters went to a drive-thru safari they were hoping for a relaxing and entertaining visit. But things didn’t quite turn out as they expected.

In the video, which the pair posted to YouTube, the sisters shared that they were on a weekend trip to Natural Bridge, Virginia, on the one-year anniversary of their mother’s passing. While there, they went to Virginia Safari Park. They write, “Animals approach the car seeking food in what turns out to be a stressful yet exciting experience.”

The driving sister instantly goes into panic mode as the insistent animals reach in for food, especially when the longhorns arrive. Her sister, on the other hand, can’t stop laughing!

Viewers couldn’t help but laugh along with the video. One viewer commented on YouTube, “I haven’t laughed this hard in days!!! Thank you!”

“I bet there’s never a dull day with these two,” wrote another.

“That’s the hardest that I’ve laughed for a long time,” said yet another viewer. One person enjoyed the humor of the sister asking how many of the animals had horns and saying “there’s an elk coming up the HIND END.”

Many others jokingly pointed out rolling up the windows might have helped in the situation, but we think that would have ruined all the excitement don’t you think?

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