Shy Donkey Who Quietly Waited 10 Years To Be Adopted Finds His Singing Voice

A 28-year-old donkey named Monte didn’t sing until he was adopted. Now he sings every day and for every meal. Pinky wanted to adopt a friend for her horse Ace, who really likes donkeys. So she got in touch with TMR Rescue out of Plantersville, Texas.

She said that little Monte was the shy one in the crowd and was sitting off in the corner. But something about him told her to take him. Monte was 26 years old at the time and she learned that he had been rescued when he was 16 years old and always passed over by adopters.

When she brought Monte home he immediately went to the horses. Three days later she was in for a big surprise when Monte began to sing any time the food came out. At first she thought “is he broken?”

Pinky had been told by his previous rescuers that he was very quiet. But she soon realized her donkey’s brays have different meanings and he really has a thing about her being on time with his meals! She loves his singing (but maybe not so much when he wakes her up really early in the morning.) He’s become the dinner bell that’s for sure.

You just know that Monte is happy to be singing so much. He really is living his best life and being who he is. And we can’t help but notice that he sure isn’t shy now!

His wonderful rescuers take care of over 400 rescued donkeys, mules and horses. Visit the TMR Rescue to help support them.

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