12 Brilliant Tips For Making Your Shoes More Comfortable And Clean

Our poor feet take a lot of punishment on our daily lives. So it goes without saying that our shoes get a lot of wear and tear too. Here are some useful tips for not only preventing your feet from becoming blistered and hurt, but also for making your shoes last longer and making them more comfortable.

1. Quiet squeaking shoes with baby powder.


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2. Use sandpaper on smooth soles for better traction.

3. Use toothpaste to clean away dirty spots on sneakers. Toothpaste is a great cleaning agent for removing dirt from the rubber and soles and restoring their bright colors.

4. Get rid of smelly shoes by placing dry tea bags inside. The bags will absorb the odor.


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5. Waterproof canvas shoes with beeswax. Rub beeswax onto the shoe and then use a blow dryer to work it into the shoes. There are products like Scotchgard that will also do the trick.

6. Stretch tight-fitting shoes by filling freezer bags with water and placing them in the freezer overnight.

7. Widen the shafts of leather boots with leather-stretch spray and newspaper.

8. Tape your toes together to make your foot more comfortable in high heels. Many people recommend taping your middle toes together. But be careful with this one, you don’t want to tape them too tight and use a tape that adheres gently to your skin.


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9. Banish blisters with clear gel deodorant on blister-prone spots. Rub the deodorant inside the bottom of your shoes or directly onto your feet.


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10. Soak blistered feet in green tea. Green tea is a natural anti-inflammatory and will help reduce swelling.


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11. Use moleskin to cushion tight shoe straps.

12. Use cotton material and wrap it around plastic flip flop straps to make them softer (and more fashionable).

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Looking for some more useful shoe hacks? Check out the video below.

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