Community Pitches In To Help Shelter Dog Waiting 5 Years For Forever Home

Roxy the dog had spent 1,752 days in the shelter and then she found the perfect family. But there was just one obstacle keeping the welcome adoption from being a success. Her new home needed a fence.

Melanie and Jeff live eight hours away from Grand Strand Humane Society in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina but when they saw a photo of Roxy in December they were heartbroken to learn she had lived most of her life in a kennel. They knew they could help as they have several acres of land, are retired and can give her the one-on-one attention she has long deserved.

The couple spoke multiple times to the shelter to see if it would be a good fit and when Roxy went over to their home for a visit she warmed up to them really quickly.

The only thing keeping it from being perfect was the couple’s yard needed a fence, a $6000 expense. That’s when the Grand Strand Humane Society put out an alert.

Grand Strand Humane Society explained in a Facebook post why they needed help. “Roxy’s new parents have several acres of land and in the past, their dogs have been trained using an invisible fence. We know that Roxy is far too strong for this to be a viable option for her. We know that what she needs, long-term, is a secure fence to keep her safe – and we know that asking these adopters to foot the bill for a brand-new fence is simply not fair,” the shelter wrote.

“The cost of the fence that our team felt comfortable with was $6,600. Roxy’s new home is over 8 hours away so asking a local company to donate their services was unfortunately not an option and we did not want to miss this opportunity for our girl. She has been waiting just shy of 5 years to break out of her cage – asking her to wait a single day longer than absolutely necessary was simply unfair,” they continued.

Grand Strand Humane Society

“We know this is a lot of money – but it is an amount that we wouldn’t bat an eye at spending on emergency surgery to save a dog’s life, so how could we consider not spending it on a fence to save Roxy’s life,” the shelter added. “All of you amazing people who wanted so desperately to help Roxy but were unable to adopt her yourself because of her very specific needs – this is how you can help her live her very own happily ever after!”

The community quickly rallied together to get Roxy into her new home without any longer delay and before you know it, a fence was put up and Roxy moved in. The shelter director says that it’s the best thing she’s experienced in the 12 years she’s worked there. And Melanie and Jeff couldn’t be more grateful and they know Roxy is grateful too.

Look at that contented sleeper. Grand Strand Humane Society

The sweet dog is loving her new life and her new pawrents say she’s glued to their side and wants cuddles all the time.

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