Shelter Dog Has The Most Adorable Jailbreak After Kennel Door Accidentally Opens

Bugsy wasn’t looking to make a “jailbreak.” In fact, Bugsy is a very good girl and all she really wants is to find a forever home. But when the homeless 6-year-old dog, currently residing at Niagara SPCA, discovered her kennel door open she couldn’t help but escape.

Niagara SPCA shared the funny security camera footage of Bugsy adorably busting out of her kennel after there was a mechanical failure at their shelter. It’s adorable because, as the shelter staff describe it, “Bugsy in disbelief of her newfound freedom and testing the waters.”

Bugsy repeatedly goes in and out of her kennel as if checking that, yes, her kennel door is indeed open. As she realizes she can walk about she goes to visit one of the other dogs to play with her. And when shelter staff come to put her back inside she greets them happily.

Niagara SPCA described, “We recognize any number of things could have happened, but nothing did. Bugsy was seen on camera and agents immediately secured her. Of course we have to share it though because every adorable and funny thing an animal does is a possibility for exposure and a chance at finding a home!”

They continued, “Her trying to get Kane to play with her from inside his kennel, her excitement when she sees agents and her immediate obedience when Officer Bondi tells her to go back to her kennel. Bugsy doesn’t want any trouble with the Kitten Cop.”

It’s clear that Bugsy is a sweet dog and the shelter staff back that up. They wrote, “This girl is so much fun and soooo good! Someone get in here and jailbreak her forever! Bugsy is 6 years old, people and dog friendly, adorably snorty and pure happiness and joy! No cats for this girl though.”

Niagara SPCA / Jessica Popovich

Despite Bugsy’s “jailbreak” being viewed over 3 million times no one has stepped forward. You would think 3 million views on a video would get at least one potential adopter over to visit Bugsy but no such luck.

A day later, however, Bugsy came to the attention of the Niagara County Sheriff. “It should be known that Deputy Hall, as a member of law enforcement, he has a vested interest in righting wrongs and stopping crime. The real crime here: not an attempted jailbreak, but almost 3 million views and not a single meet and greet for Bugsy,” said the shelter.

“Deputy Hall paid Bugsy a visit today and said something about taking her to ‘the Joint’,” the SPCA joked. “We watched as Bugsy was loaded up into the back of the Sheriff’s car. Surely, this doesn’t look good for Bugsy. Right now, we have few details, but we’ll fill you in as they come to us.”

Niagara SPCA / Jessica Popovich

Those details soon poured in by way of photographs taken by the “rescue-loving, local photographer, Jessica Popovich.” It appears that Bugsy’s jailbreak earned her a day fun pass with the sheriff.

Deputy Hall took Bugsy on a field trip to a burger “joint” where Bugsy got a cheeseburger on the house. Then she got to go to Blackwinds where they let her pick out any toy she wanted, the shelter said.

Niagara SPCA / Jessica Popovich

Bugsy loved every minute of it and as the SPCA says, “she deserves a lifetime of these moments.”

Niagara SPCA / Jessica Popovich

To help Bugsy find that loving home of her own visit the Niagara SPCA website.

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