Shelter Dog Who Cowered Under Her Bed Finds Her Happy Ending

Princess was only a puppy when she was transferred from a Florida shelter in August to Collier County animal shelter. After waiting with no signs of getting out, she was getting depressed and did something heartbreaking in her kennel that shelter volunteers filmed, and in doing so, would change her life!

Princess’ mood transformed so quickly it caught Friends of Collier Domestic Animal Services off-guard. The week before, she was enjoying some early Christmas toys and wagging her tail.

But just a week later, she was hiding. Mary, one of their volunteers, filmed another video of Princess, but instead of a playful dog she found a sad one. She wrote, “Our precious PRINCESS is beginning to show signs of shutting down. Princess prefers to hide under her bed. I tried to get her to come out, but as you can see she’s shutting down.”

“I can not stress enough how bad this girl (Princess) needs a home of her own… she needs someone that will give her the patience to learn that all humans are not bad.”

Princess is heart worm positive and needed pledges to cover the treatment. As soon as animal lovers saw the video of depressed Princess, pledges began to pour in and shortly after two rescues offered to help.


Photo credit: Friends of Collier Domestic Animal Services

But the good news wasn’t over yet. Shortly after she was pulled from the shelter and went on her freedom ride, someone else took notice. Someone who saw Princess cowering under her bed and immediately knew she wanted to give the 1-year-old Pit Bull mix a forever home!


Photo credit: Friends of Collier Domestic Animal Services

Princess now has a loving family with a farm and lots of love and patience. She’s already found her safe place in the home – under a table.


Photo credit: Friends of Collier Domestic Animal Services

It might take a little while for Princess to acclimate to her newfound freedom. But something tells me, from her earlier videos showing her playing and having fun, it won’t take her long!

What a difference one video can make in a shelter dog’s life! Share Princess’ happy ending with your family and friends!

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