Sheepdog Trying To Do His Job Approaches Surveyor In His Way

Mati Lillo was out surveying as part of his job in rural Chile when he recently met a resident busy at work himself. A small dog was tending to a herd of sheep and Mati was about to get in the way.

The dog was leading the sheep down the dirt road when he spotted Mati standing in the middle of his path. The black and white dog dashed over to Mati and seemed to be trying to tell him something.

TikTok / @mtslillo

“I could not understand until I saw that the sheep did not advance,” Mati noted on TikTok.

After a gesture or two more from the dog Mati figured it out – he had to get out of the way!

Mati filmed the encounter and shared it on TikTok:

@mtslillo Un día cualquiera, con un perrito cualquiera jajaja #valdivia #ovejeros #topografia ♬ sonido original – Matías lillo iglesias

Once Mati stepped out of the way, the dog resumed his duties and the sheep followed after him as they continued on down the road.

TikTok / @mtslillo

What a clever dog! It’s quite amazing to see how he’s handling the flock all on his own and Mati thought so too. Although Mati captioned his video as “An ordinary day, with an ordinary puppy” he knows it was an unusual day with an extraordinary puppy.

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