Shaggy Stray Dog Makes Such A Big Transformation People Call It Fake

“You faked it.” That’s what dog rescuer Niall Harbison got for messages when people saw the transformation of “Brad Pitt (Bradley)”. Harbison spotted Bradley running around the streets of Thailand. The dog was so shaggy that Harbison figured that the dog had a hard time seeing.

“His life seemed terrible,” said Harbison. And with it being the hottest time of the year Harbison wanted to rescue him. He chased the dog for 2 weeks but he was finally able to catch him.

Bradley needed sedating to be groomed otherwise it would have been impossible. They raced to shave him before he woke up. It took 2 hours and it was a rough haircut but he came out bright white underneath all his matted fur.

Over the following weeks the dog who was “beaten down by life” started to transform inside as well. It didn’t take long for Bradley’s remarkable transformation to capture the attention of potential adopters. Harbison got a lot of applications and Bradley now has a home in America! His new family adore him and he is truly beautiful!

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