Severely Abused Dog Who Spent Nearly 500 Days At Shelter Defies The Odds

A severely abused dog who spent nearly 500 days in a shelter has finally found a forever home. A Pit Bull mix named Neo suffered a terrible past. He ended up in an Arkansas shelter but after spending nearly 2 years there, the shelter staff reached out to Best Friends for help.

Ali Paepke, at Best Friends Pet Resource Center, wasn’t so sure if Neo could be rehabilitated. She told 5 News, “When dogs have been locked up for that long they can have issues. And it can be really hard to rehabilitate them, especially if they’re in there because of abuse.”

But the shelter reassured her that Neo was different. He was like a unicorn among long term shelter residents and when Paepke met him, she agreed. “The day I met that dog, I was just blown away.”

Neo was sociable and wanted attention and to be everyone’s friend. So Best Friends took him and he spent some time at a foster home for a short time. Not long after Linda Songbird wanted to meet him and it was love at first sight for the pair of them. ““It makes your life worthwhile,” Songbird said of adopting Neo. “And he’s wonderful. He’s there as soon as you come in. He’s right at the door. Happy to see you!”

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