Schoolboy Delighted After Teacher Grants His Special Request to Bring Dog to Class

Children attend school for an education but not all lessons come from books or the curriculum taught by their teachers. A young boy named Lopez learned a wonderful lesson in kindness when his teacher listened to his special request. That request? To be able to bring his dog to school.

Ali Bonilla Esteban teaches in an elementary school in Peru. Recently, she shared a heartwarming video on TikTok showing her answer to Lopez’s request. Lopez is sitting at his desk hard at work with his small fluffy dog, Pequeña.

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Esteban told the Dodo that Lopez asked if he could bring Pequeña to class so that she would not be home alone. He explained to her that due to recent hardships in the family no one would be able to look after the dog while he was at school. He could not bear the thought of his best friend being all by herself.

“He asked me, a little nervously, if Pequeña could come to school with him,” Esteban told The Dodo. “I agreed. I wanted to support him, so he could feel comfortable with his faithful friend.”

Esteban told Lopez that Pequeña would be welcome to come to class anytime and so she has come every day since. Esteban said that Lopez’s mood has “improved greatly” now that he is no longer worried about his dog. Granting Lopez’s request has had other benefits too. Pequeña has not only cheered up Lopez but all the other children in class too.

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