Cat Who Scares His Rescuer Becomes Big Softie When He Meets Other Cat

Jen had never encountered a cat like Grey in her 15 years of cat rescue. “I never in my life met a scarier cat,” Jen said. When she began to foster him Grey would swat and hiss at her. She was legitimately frightened of him.

Grey was found on the streets of Kuwait. Jen says he was probably hit by a car and he had a polyp in his ear that caused a severe balance issue. The cat needed advanced care but her rescue decided to take him. Jen helps with City Kitties Rescue in Washington DC.

She came up with strategies to get close to him. At one point she had the gate open in the foster room. The moment Grey saw one of her cats he calmed right down. Jen decided to introduce him to another rescue cat Philly Pokey.

Instantly, the two took to each other. She said the expression in each cat’s eyes was “You are what I’ve been waiting for.” It brought her to tears.

Grey and Philly Pokey were thrilled to have a buddy. Grey now lets Jen pet him and he’s started to play but he’s always got his eyes on Philly Pokey. She says the two bring out the best each other so the decision has been made to keep them together forever. They have decided the two cats will be adopted together.

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