This Hiking Trail Considered The Most Dangerous In the World

Many hikers refer to the Hua Shan plank path on Hua Shan Mountain near Xi’an, China as the world’s most dangerous trail. It’s located on the side of the mountain and can be accessed by a gigantic set of stone stairs called the Heavenly Stairs on Mt. Hua Shan.

Many travellers have visited and recorded the amazing trek on video. It begins with the stairs that lead up to a few pieces of wood attached to the mountain’s stone sides along with an embedded chain to hang on to. It is definitely not a climb for the “faint of heart!” At some points in the path, vertical ascents are required, with nothing but toe holes and the chain to help you stay on the mountain.

The videographers share all the details they have learned when making the hike.

But once you reach the summit there is a Taoist temple that has been converted into a teahouse where you can enjoy the spectacular views!

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