Racing Greyhound Afraid Of Everything Bonds With Little Girl

A retired racing greyhound who was “completely shut down” has overcome many of her fears thanks to the love and support of a young girl. Georgia the greyhound was only 3 years old when she retired from racing. Jess, who lives in Australia, wanted to rescue Georgia after her 5-year-old daughter asked for a dog. Her daughter had friends all getting puppies so when Jess brought Georgia home her daughter asked “what is this?”

On the first day home they realized Georgia was frightened of practically everything. She got scared of the TV, sounds in the kitchen and more. Jess’ daughter began to read Georgia stories for hours and slowly Georgia opened up and relaxed. Georgia absolutely loves children, especially her little human.

It’s been two years since Georgia was rescued. As she’s grown secure with her family, more of her personality has come out. For example, when Jess’ daughter plays piano, Georgia sings along. She has found her voice and now they can’t turn it off, says Jess happily. Georgia also used to have terrible separation anxiety but she now knows her family will always come back.

Jess says that sadly there are hundreds of Greyhounds waiting for homes in Australia. There are a number of rescue organizations like Greyhound Rescue in Sydney. But Jess and her daughter (along with Georgia), are great advocates for rescuing them.

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