Saskatoon Police Lip Sync To Backstreet Boys To Find Donut Thief And It’s Hilarious

A love of doughnuts, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and the Backstreet Boys come together for an epic police lip synch challenge, this time from cops in the Great White North.

Canadian cops with Saskatoon Police picked up the lip sync gauntlet to ‘I Want It That Way’. They also re-enact an iconic cold open from everyone’s favourite cop comedy, “Brooklyn 99”.

There’s a scene with doughnuts, an adorable moment with a dog from the K9 unit, and a big finale with mascots from the city’s sports teams.

The Saskatoon Police wrote, “Remember those lip sync challenges going around amongst Police Services over the last month or so? We do, and at the time we heard from many in our community that we should be getting involved – so we did!”

Their video came to the attention of actual Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, who tweeted his love of the video, “This is Soooo good!! wait till the donut scene! #copsrock.”

As for challenging other police departments, the Saskatoon Police department politely refused. “We weren’t officially challenged from a Police Service so we won’t be throwing down any challenges ourselves, but if anyone thinks they can one up our efforts, feel free!”

Watch this fun new entry to the ranks of lip synch challenges below and share it with your friends.

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