Girl Finds An Unusual-Looking Sand Dollar And Flips It Over

Sand dollars are one of the more fascinating creatures you can find on beaches around the world. Many of us are familiar with the white ones. They have a leaf like pattern etched on the top, sometimes are stained green with algae, and have a round hole in the centre of the bottom. But, these, are in fact, dead sand dollars.

Living ones are a fuzzy blackish/purple and, as you are about to see in the video, have moving bristles which they use to get around and to eat.

In this video from “Sea Something,” a girl shows how sand dollars move, as well as showing the difference between a live and a dead sand dollar. It’s fascinating and information you can share with your family the next time you come across one in the sand!

And if you are thinking of collecting one, please check the beach combing rules first (as many towns may have a restriction on removing sand dollars) and if you can take one, only take the white ones for obvious reasons!

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