Runaway Sheep Found Living Among Kangaroos 5 Years After Going Missing

A runaway sheep kept unusual company during his 5 years “on the lamb.” The sheep in Australia was found living among kangaroos.

“What do you call a sheep who lives with a mob of kangaroos? No, not a wooly jumper,” writes Forever Friends Animal Rescue (FFAR) of their new rescue. “His name is Sugar!”

The group continues, “Sugar is believed to have wandered away from his home at least 5 years ago, choosing to live off the land with some local kangaroos until he was spotted by Georgia Duncan from @melbournewater.”

Georgia, a water supply operator with Melbourne Water, first spotted Sugar living among the kangaroos six months ago and led the sheep rescue mission.

Georgia and FFAR, along with Vets for Compassion and Melbourne Water, worked together to rescue Sugar.

“In the catchments surrounding our city’s reservoirs, wildlife is abundant and diverse, especially on the walking tracks,” Melbourne Water wrote on Facebook. “Keep an eye out for wedge-tailed eagles, black-tailed wallabies, echidnas, kangaroos, and an abundance of other wildlife. But Melbourne Water staff were surprised to learn about lost Sugar, far from home.”

It took some coordination, but they carried out a successful rescue and now Sugar will soon spend the rest of his days in comfort living with Georgia. But he first was taken to FFAR’s sanctuary for a much needed check up.

“To say Sugar was looking a little rough is an understatement,” says FFAR in their Instagram post. Sugar got a long overdue makeover/haircut. The fleece sheared off Sugar weighed 12.6 kilograms — or a little under 28 pounds! And it turns out the fleece was the most amazing quality merino wool.

FFAR shared a cute video showing Sugar’s transformation:

Considering the length of time that Sugar was in the wild, he is doing well and he’s feeling much lighter now. FFAR says, “It seems like his kangaroo friends took good care of him, and Sugar will soon get to spend the rest of his days with Georgia.”

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