Rowan Atkinson Hilariously Questions Elton John About His Name

Back in 1991, Rowan Atkinson conducted a celebrity interview with Elton John as part of a comedy revue called Hysteria 3. Being the comedian he is, Atkinson right away starts off with a question he guesses everyone wants to ask the famous singer – “Funny name, Elton. How did you come by it?”

From there, the pair exchange hilarious banter about Elton’s music and his choice of name. Elton is good-humored about the playful pokes at his name and plays along with Rowan’s questions until he’s simply had enough (but even that is part of the comedy skit).

The interview hilariously blurs the line between skit and interview and it’s still as funny now as it must have been in 1991. Watch the video below and enjoy a laugh:

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