Adopted Rottweiler Saves Pregnant Woman Held At Knifepoint During Home Invasion

A pregnant woman is more than thankful for adopting a Rottweiler named Rocky after the dog defended her from a gang of men that broke into her home and threatened her at knifepoint.

According to the Mirror UK, Kasha Marie Weston and her partner Aryan Salhi were at home when the men broke into their home in March of 2014.

The couple were watching TV when they heard loud bangs at the door. Rocky immediately began barking and wouldn’t stop so they put him in the bathroom to quiet him. It was then that Aryan went to open the door and four men burst in and demanded money.

Kent Online reported that one man held a knife to Kasha’s throat while two others held Aryan. Another man stood watch by the door. After hearing the commotion he burst through the bathroom door and sprang to his family’s defense.

“They were terrified and ran out the front door but Rocky was hot on their heels,” Kasha told The Mirror UK.

Aryan was able to catch up with one of the intruders and restrain him with the help of Rocky. The man was sentenced to 10 years in jail. His accomplices have not been caught.

Kasha said that Rocky refused to leave her side over the days that followed. Five-months pregnant at the time, Kasha doesn’t know what would have happened if Rocky had not been there to protect them.

With their baby born Kasha told the newspaper that nobody was happier about baby Aryan’s arrival that Rocky. “He would gaze at him in his cot, stood guard and growled if strangers got too close.”

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